Basher - Trojan / Basher & Frankee - Weep - out now


Basher / Basher & Frankee
- Trojan / Weep

Few producers understand the dark art of drum & bass as intimately or knowledgably as Basher. A consummate contributor to the RAM legacy for over seven years, he’s executed countless precision appearances across the label’s extended network. And right now he’s about to make his debut on the ever-consistent, next-level focussed Program imprint.

‘Trojan’ says it all. Even the title comes with heavyweight, dangerous connotations. Igniting with icy charm, Basher hurls us headfirst into an ocean of guttural bass and rolling concrete beats. Two low-end leads tightly twist and weave to create an enveloping sense of drama; savage distorted notes hammer his menacing message home while a creamy sub slopes and slithers beneath, tying up the elements to create the ultimate impact. Like the virus, ‘Trojan’ is instantly infectious; reprogramming your very understanding of groove mechanics.

Next up, ‘Weep’. Collaborating with Frankee, ‘Weep’ is a soundclash of significant proportions. Long-term friends, Basher played a hugely influential role in Frankee’s career, inspiring him to explore the studio in the first place. From the second you press play it’s clear the two complement each other perfectly; measured, moody and mesmerising, ‘Weep’ creatively uses tightly clipped vocal shots as percussive and melodic devices that build dynamically before the waves of bass and pneumatic beats sweep you off your feet. Brutal yet bouncy, furious yet funky, ‘Weep’ is a matchless example of contemporary D&B production.


Two demonstrative damagers for the dark months ahead, Basher’s back on the attack and there’s no hiding from him. It’s time, once again, to get with the Program. Enjoy.


1: Trojan


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