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Legion & Logam, a trio who've cemented themselves as an international crossover act whilst pedestalling US drum & bass within the Ram roster. After the breakaway success of their first single on the Program imprint, 'House of Cards', as well as a host of fresh cuts of the Ram Records compilation series, they're returning with a single to cement themselves yet again within the genre's fabric. Having become a staple of festival stages globally, it's no surprise they've piqued such interest across the scene.

'To Be Alone' features Micah Freeman on vocals, making another appearance since 'Holding On' and adding his signature twist between carefully constructed layers of noise. Freeman's voice stretches to its furthest heights, dropping down musical crescendos and over kicking drum patterns. Snapping percussion washes over each train of sound with distorted guitar underpinning each segment. Piano notes filter through the mix, creating an emotional composition that pedestals the style Legion & Logam reign over.

'Switch Up' juxtaposes its predecessor, nastily slick whilst oozing with throbbing bass and clicking percussion. Weighty yet tightly knit, it exposes the darker underbelly of their production. Stabbing their way through, each beat arrangement bites whilst you're taken amongst a conundrum of quaking subs and shaking basslines. Once again proving that Legion & Logam are a versatile outfit, this one is a call to war for the rave's murkier corners.

Once again, it's time to get with the Program… One that celebrates diversity whilst distributing acts like Legion & Logam onto an unsuspecting audience since its inception.

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