Alongside recycled packaging for our merchandise, we've been looking at ways to make our sales more sustainable through the RAM Records web shop. One way we've decided to do this is through the more:trees platform. We've now signed up with the site and for every sale generated through the RAM web shop we'll be planting a tree, in turn helping to make an impact on our own carbon footprint.

Through our subscription with the company, we'll be working to sequester carbon dioxide in the future; more:trees work with tree planting partners across the world, including a variety of projects to ensure trees are planted and cared for whilst supporting wider community benefits.

You'll also be able to watch RAM's virtual forest and tree planting stats grow through the website's own dashboard.

At RAM we are starting to look at our own carbon footprint and how as a label we can impact climate change which is an urgent issue for people around the world. This is just the beginning and as we move into 2022 , we'll be working on projects internally to make the record label more sustainable. And that's for our artists, the new generation of drum & bass fans, as well as the planet as a whole.

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