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Fresh off the announcement that Rene Lavice is now taking over Radio 1's tastemaking drum & bass slot, his forthcoming single on Ram Records has been hijacking club speakers worldwide. One of his most riotous tracks to date 'Woohoo' provides a snapping follow up to hearty vocal roller 'Let You Go' ft. Jareth, once again acting as a pedestal for his unbridled levels of creativity.

Time after time Rene has ensured he's continued the same levels of production which saw him first signed to the Ram imprint. And after two critically acclaimed LPs and Radio 1 A-list addition, he's remained at the top of his game. 'Woohoo' is a testament to that, more reminiscent of his earlier tracks 'Where My Ladies At' and 'Insidious' and it demonstrates how despite his more commercial output, he's still able to tap into the darker flipside of his discography.

With crackling, reverberating snares and a thumping bassline, 'Woohoo' crashes forward alongside an undeterred attitude. Siren-like in its intro, you're instantly pulled through a chasm of slickly layered beats and Rene's sampled call to arms punching its way through the mix. If you're looking for a record that'll take pride of place within any club-lead set, Rene LaVice has delivered, showing his penchant for dancefloor records which are just as intimidating in home speakers.

The third LP from Rene LaVice has been slated for early next year and with it comes a brand new package filled with more additions to an already stellar back catalogue. And following an extensive tour schedule, which will see him perform at the Ram 25 world tour dates, across Europe's biggest venues, he remains at the pinnacle of his career.

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